Song Dynasty to Silk Screening

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Can you believe the Song Dynasty times changed our money system!

Where is all began

For the longest time, the Chinese currency consisted of copper and bronze coins that contained square-shaped holes in the center for a string to carry. Upon demand, the government continued to mint more coins; however, merchants suggested utilizing something lighter than copper and bronze as it was more comfortable for traveling.


Silk screening history has begun at this time. The process started with either a wooden or aluminum rectangular frame, with silk stretch over tightly and secured firmly to the side. The next step is of great importance, placed on the screen is a silhouette of your design with either shellac or glue filled around to prevent ink from flowing through the holes. Once the sealer dries, a greased based ink forcedly pushed through the screen with a rubber squeegee. For every color desired, separate screens created.

In the following years to come, other country’s has adopted and continued to modify this technique as time went on. Now we use silk screening regularly, posters, decals, clothing, toys, and more!

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